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CutterPillar Glow

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A beautifully illuminated light tablet and accessories for all your crafting projects. This advanced LED technology offers crafters, artists, and creators alike a new way see and engage with a project.   This brilliantly-lit (but always cool to the touch) work surface illuminates your medium with 3 different levels of light.  Every Glow comes standard with a non-slip, self-healing cutting mat that lets you "see your crafts in a whole new light".

Available in store. If you are interested in having one shipped to you please call the shop for more information.

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CutterPillar Glow


Cutterpillar Glow Edge to Edge Cutting Mat (no lines)


CutterPillar Glow Premium


CutterPillar Glow Replacement Mat


Cutterpillar Glow Tempered Glass Cutting Board


Cutterpillar Glow Tote


Cutterpillar Ultra Tote


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